Friday, December 5, 2014

Gifts from the Heart

Children often assume that people must buy gifts at a store. However, many gifts that children can make at home do not cost any money. Doing something fun with someone can be a special gift.  Helping someone with a chore can be a gift as well.

A Gift Card

Material Needed:
 -   Plain paper or construction paper
 -   Pencils, pen, crayons, or markers

Step 1: Explain what you will be doing together. Make sure you read through the entire activity before you begin. The two of you will make a gift card for a special person. Explain that this card is a promise to do something with the person later. Have your child think of a friend or family member to give a gift card to.

Step 2: Think together. Talk with your child about what the special person likes to do for fun. Ask if your child would like to do any of these fun activities with the person later. Examples:
  • Get a back rub
  • Talk with visitors
  • Make a healthy snack
  • Walk in a park
  • Play a game
  • Share photographs
  • Draw or color pictures
  • Sing songs
  • Walk the dogs
  • Fold clean laundry
  • Work in the yard 

Step 3: Make the gift card. Have your child draw a picture of the fun activity or chore on the card. Label the drawing and help your child sign the card. If possible, take your child to deliver the card in person.

Ideas To Talk About:
  • Sharing time or work is a special gift because of our love for another person and the fun of being together.
  • Doing something for someone can feel as good as having some do something for you.
  • Family members do things for each other every day without being paid.
  • People in the neighborhood also do things for each other for free.
Content provided by our friends at Thrive by Five.

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