Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Teach Your Penny Saver to Help with Grocery Shopping

 Teach Your Penny Saver to Help with Grocery Shopping

Young children sometimes want to help their parents shop. Giving them the simple jobs at the store can make them feel that they are helping. One simple job is to help you find some items on your shopping list. This also can help show them how you make buying decisions.

Shopping Helper Activity

 Materials Needed:
  • Paper, glue or tape, and scissors
  • Grocery ads from the newspaper
  • Pencil, crayons, or colored pencils
Step 1: Explain what you will be doing together (be sure to read through the entire activity before you begin). Tell your Penny Saver you need help at the grocery store. Explain that your child will help you find some of the items you need to buy.

Step 2: Prepare your Penny Saver's list. Read your written shopping list to your child. Decide together which items on the list your child will help you find. (Think of items that they can reach and hold safely, whether walking or sitting in the cart.)

Help your Penny Saver find those items in newspaper ads and cut them out. On a sheet of paper, glue or tape pictures of the items that your Penny Saver will look for at the store. If you cannot find pictures of some items, let your Penny Saver draw them. This sheet will be your child's list.

Step 3: Set the rules before you leave the house. Make sure that your Penny Saver knows the rules by repeating a few of the most important ones. For example:

  • Your Penny Savers houldnot take items off the shelf without your permission.
  • You might decide to buy items not on your list, but your child cannot. 
  • They must stay with you at all times.
Step 4: Shop together. Help your Penny Saver pick out items on the list and put them in the shopping cart. Help your child mark items off the list as they are put in the cart.

Read the entire article from Thrive by Five. For more information and tips on how to teach your Penny Saver about spending and saving, visit www.creditunion.coop.


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