Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Are YOU the next Super Saver? Show us and win $50!

Penny Savers Super Saver Coloring Contest (children 0-11)
Penny Savers who draw or write out what they think their Super Saver should be on the contest form will get entered to win some pretty awesome prizes! Turn the form into your Pen Air teller the next time you make your deposit into your account by April 30, 2012. Super Saver drawings will be featured at the Pen Air branches throughout April!

  • Grand Prize Winner: $50 will go into the grand prize winner's Penny Savers Club account and named Pen Air's Super Saver of the Year!
  • Super Saver Sidekick runner-up: Winner in the Age (0-6) category $20
  • Super Saver Sidekick runner-up:Winner in the Age (7-12) category $20

Print out this form on an 8.5x11" sheet of paper, color in your drawing, and turn it in to any Pen Air FCU branch! Paper forms are located at all branches as well.
*** Please put your Penny Saver's name, parent/guardian's name, account #, and contact phone # or email on the back of the form. All entries will become the property of Pen Air Federal Credit Union.***

Contest winners will be announced Friday, May 11 and a photo op of all of our Super Saver contest winners will be Friday, May 18th. Contact Crystal Barrineau at pennysavers@penair.org for more information.

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