Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Color It: Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who made Youth Week a success back in April! The coloring entries were ALL WONDERFUL- we had over 42 participants this year! Entries were judged according to creativity, originality, practicality, and age range.

Congratulations to our winners! Here is the list with their submissions:

Grand Prize Winner: Tyler K.

The team at Pen Air were impressed by the inventive and creative nature of his savings goal which included a car of his own design, a dragon ATV, and an electric green guitar! We hope you use the $50 prize towards going to art school because your drawing is very nice. Congratulations, Tyler!

Grand Prize Winner:
Tyler K.

 Top 5 Winners!
(in no particular order)

Kayleigh D. decided to write a letter to Penny the Porpoise and her pals about saving for college. Penny thinks that's a great goal! 
Kayleigh D., age 11
  Ledell J. colored in his savings goal while attending the MWR Fun Fest back in April. He is saving up for a basketball court so that he can pursue his passion in the sport. Way to go, Ledell!

Ledell J.
  Megan's interests lie in music as she is trying to save up for violin lessons while learning the piano at the same time. We say that investing in your passion is a great way to build character among other things!

Megan T., age 11
 Montaye wants to help out his mom, get a blue Mustang, and save up money for school as well! Those are all great goals, especially helping out your mom!

Montaye H., age 5
  Will is saving money to attend college at the University of West Florida like his mom! When we asked his mom to comment about her son's drawing, she mentioned that Will came up with his goal completely on his own and that she had no idea he was going to put that down. It's nice seeing that we as parents are looked up to without even realizing it sometimes!

Will G., age 10

Great job to everyone who entered! Contest winners will be notified within the week to receive their special goody bags filled with a Beach & School pack! Don't forget to attend Penny's birthday at the Zoo this June!

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