Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Penny Savers Contest Entries

Have you stopped by your local Pen Air branch this week yet? Make a deposit during Youth Week (April 17-23) and get a free color-changing Mood cup while supplies last!

Don't forget to enter our coloring contest! Pick up the Spring Penny Savers newsletter, color in your savings goal, and turn it into your Teller by April 29. You'll get entered to win $50 or one in five special prizes.

Check out some of these entries filled out at the Corry Family Day event this past weekend:

Justin wants to save up for an XBOX!
Let's keep those coloring entries coming! If you haven't picked up a Penny Savers newsletter, you can click on the following image and print from there. Or, ask any teller at Pen Air and they will give you an entry whether it's a print out or in the newsletter.

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